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Below is a list of people who have decided to Treasure Our Troops in a big way. Please click on each name to see what has been donated and how you can show your appreciation to the person donating. When it comes to the Troops, there is no small donation. Everything is appreciated by our Troops.


Would you like to become a treasurer? Becoming a treasurer is a great way to show our troops how much you care for them. In return we will add you to this page (with your permission). We will also add you to the list of treasurers that go inside each treasure box. The top five treasurers will also go on a sticker that goes on the outside of each treasure box. Every person who handles the box will see you treasure our troops! We will also give you a shout out with a link back to your website and or fanpage/twitter account. At our events we have video and powerpoint presentations, your www. and or logo will appear in those presentations.


Please note that when you donate to us (by items or financial) we do the above advertising for one year. After that year, you will need to donate again for us to continue 'advertising' for you. 

Become a top treasurer, donate at least one item to each event we have through out the year (we average 5-10 events) and or donate $100 per event. This keeps you in the top five.  

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# Article Title Hits
1 . Mystique Boutique 1343
2 . Lawns By Les, LLC 1239
3 . Rub A Dub Scrub 1289
4 . Kutless 1219
5 . Holistic Xchange 1228
6 . Sacred Heart 1302
7 . This Ain't Your Mama's Church 1412
8 . Thank You 5303
9 . Immortal Productions 1466
10 . Magnatude 1355
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